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Fortaleciendo la psicología comunitaria en Europa



Los días 5 y 6 de noviembre se celebra un encuentro en Lisboa (Portugal) de la Asociación de Psicología Comunitaria Europea: «Strengthening community psychology in Europe».

El encuentro está organizado como un pequeño seminario, intensivo, que permite debatir la situación de la disciplina en Europa y su contribución a los problemas sociales actuales. Descarga el programa del seminario a continuación:

  • Fortalecimiento de la psicología comunitaria en Europa [pdf]

Strengthening community psychology in Europe is the seminar that will be held on the 5th and 6th of November in Lisboa, Portugal, by the ECPA community psychologists in the form of collective think tank. For the first 10 years of ECPA it became relevant to organize a smaller scale annual event, different from previous years were the partners and associate members hosted larger scale events, but rather an intensive seminar that to discuss several aspects of our discipline, which is now facing the future challenges of our globalized society. On this ground we will propose two introductory speeches on emerging problems. This will be coupled with a widespread internal exchange of knowledge and visions concerning Community Psychology potentials, and possibilities for the promotion of people’s capabilities. We will then organize a world café discussion on four main Community Psychology topics: a) Community Psychology facing other areas, and research excellence criteria; b) Community psychologists’ knowledge(s) and competencies; c) Community psychology training, and d) Professional roles and employment opportunities. A special discussion will also be dedicated to the on-going CP EFPA standing committee’s survey on Community psychology trainings in Europe. The event will have an open discussion space for young researchers and students and a dedicated space for presentations in order to facilitate the participation. As a final reminder, the Association General Assemblies are to be held during these two days. We hope that all those interested in the advancement of Community Psychology in Europe are be able to participate.

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